Your dog is holding up a mirror

A dog is a wonderful companion on your life's path. Without judgment, it will reflect your own stat of mind. Chien Bien will help you discover what your dog is telling you. It's entirely up to you what you want to do with that. If you decide to leave it, your dog will not love you any less. However, if you grab the opprotunity, you will both enjoy the benefits. 

Your coaching question

It all starts with your question. Is there anything you’re struggling with, would like to know more about or would like to change? Your dog’s behaviour will supply us with the right angle. This can be about troubles at work, in school or at home. Maybe you’re having a hard time reaching out to people, taking an important step, feeling insecure about your friendships, or heading towards a burn-out.

Your dog’s answer

I will show you how your dog deals with tension, fear, making contact, interaction with other dogs, taking position, assuming leadership, preventing conflict, weighing interests, selfcare, caution, frustration, or anything that is currently relevant to you. Your dog’s behaviour says a lot about your own – and how that is helping or not helping you. These insights will allow you to make choices that match your personality and simply feel good.

Don’t own a dog? Sara can help!

You don’t have a dog of your own? No problem at all! Sara is a lovely, well-trained coaching dog who can still surprise me with her good-natured dog pranks. She loves attention and can thoroughly enjoy doing things I’d rather she didn’t. She loves everything and everyone. She is the real Chien Bien!