What does Chien Bien do?

Are you curious to see what I can do for you? Let me know what your question is, so we can discuss our options. To give you a rough idea, I've listed some examples below. 

You ask me for help with: 
  • matching- which dog is a good match for me or my family?
  • kids and dogs - what are the do's and dont's 
  • behaviour- what makes a dog do what it does? 
  • Obedience - how do I teach my dogs things like: 
    • coming to me 
    • walking without a leash
    • walking on a leash without pulling
    • running next to a bike
    • running together
    • staying low (not jumping up)
    • puppy training
    • socializing with other dogs  

I will recommend another professional in case of: 

Behavioral issues such as: 

  • not being house trained
  • destructive behavior
  • aggression

Fear in the dog itself such as: 

  • separation anxiety 
  • fear of specific sounds
  • fear of other dogs, people, objects