End your fears with Chien Bien

Are you scared of dogs and ready to get rid of your fears once ad for all? Chien Bien would be happy to help. Once you have more knowledge of dogs and how fear works, it will be easier to take back control. 

What you’ll learn

In order to get you into the driver’s seat, this training will help you find answers to the following questions:

  • What is fear?
  • What does it do to my body?
  • How do I manage my fears and take control?

On top of that, we’ll work on any other goals you might have. It’s up to you to decide what you want and how much time you’re willing to invest. We’ll take it step by step, tailormade to your situation.

Sara can help

Sara is a sweet and reliable dog, who would love te help you get rid of your fear of dogs. Mind you, if you don’t want to work with her, you don’t have to. You can also bring a dog you’re already familiar with, or we can work with dogs from a distance. It’s up to you.

Chien Bien

At your own pace, with your own goals. You decide whether you need another session.