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A small-scale dog company in the middle of Amstelveen

Are you afraid of dogs, searching for dog knowledge, or you like to be coached by your own dog, please contact me. 

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Scared of dogs

Are you scared of dogs and ready to get rid of your fears once and for all? Chien Bien would be happy to help. Once you have more knowledge of dogs and how fear works, it will be easier to take back control. 

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Dog training

Are you curious to see what I can do for you? Let me know what your question is, so we can discuss our options. To give you a rough idea, I've listed some examples. 

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Your dog as your coach

A dog is a wonderful companion on your life's path. Without judgment, it will reflect your own state of mind. Chien Bien will help you discover what your dog is telling you. 

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Professional, serious, pleasant and with lots of knowledge and understanding of dogs. We definitely recommend her. 

Els from Haarlem , Appenzeller male 9 years old

She was the one who, with an incredible amount of patience, developed a special bond with our dog! 

Linda from Purmerend , Sara, Labrador 10 years old

Renske used hardly any voice and our dog responded almost immediately to her directions. 

Sigrid from Haarlem , Shis Tzu 2 years old

I would highly recommend Renske as a reliable dog phobia therapist.

Judith , Afraid of dogs

You are flexible in your approach and try different methods, especially liked the stuffed animal dog where Mio could practice. 

Mio , Afraid of dogs

Chien Bien

At your own pace, with your own goals. You decide whether you need another session.